Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 2

$2,495.00 Released January, 2010

Product Shot 1The Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 2 is a high-end sub-woofer intended specifically for a Bang & Olufsen sound system but is compatible with any speaker system. With an effective frequency range of 23-120 Hz, the BeoLab 2 delivers a very low bass end despite its measurements: 10.2" x 12.6" x 12.2".

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Product Shot 2 ICEpower amplification technology ensures efficiency and power in a small package without any risk of overheating. The BeoLab 2 also eliminates any of the disruptive vibrations which sub-woofers are known for due to dual passive loudspeakers and a rubber ring base. Additionally, the BeoLab 2 can be placed anywhere the user desires without eliminating the BeoLab 2's sound quality.

The BeoLab 2's 9" flat diaphragm woofer provides its 23-120Hz low-end range while Bang and Olufsen's proprietary ICEpower technology ensures that the BeoLab 2 runs efficiently and at a low temperature. Two internal passive loudspeakers placed opposite one another help to eliminate any of the disruptive vibrations associated with sub-woofers, along with an insulating rubber ring base. Manual filters allow the user to adjust the levels of the BeoLab 2 in order to adjust for placement, effectively allowing the BeoLab 2 to be placed anywhere in a room without disrupting the setup's effectiveness. The BeoLab 2 is available in aluminum or white.


  • 9" flat diaphragm woofer
  • ICEpower technology prevents overheating
  • Minimal vibration due to dual passive loudspeakers and a rubber ring base
  • Adaptive Bass Linearisation rounds out bass sound
  • Available in aluminum or white
  • Effective Frequency Range: 23 - 120 Hz
  • Manual bass adapters allow for placement anywhere

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