Cerwin Vega VE-28S

$279.00 Released October, 2006

Product Shot 1The Cerwin Vega VE-28S is a middle-end subwoofer. It is designed to enhance speaker systems by reproducing low frequency content. It features thermal protection, a black ash enclosure, and a 250 watt power capacity.

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The thermal protection of the VE28S ensures that the internal components of the subwoofer will remain undamaged in relatively high temperatures, adding to the durability of the system. The black ash enclosure gives the subwoofer and "elegant" look, also allowing it to fit in with many other electronic devices. The 250 watt power capacity enables the subwoofer to produce powerful low frequency sounds, making sure that it will be able to be on par with the rest of the user's sound system. When compared to another subwoofer by Cerwin Vega, the CVT-300S, the VE-28S has some disadvantages, such as a lower watt capacity (250 watts compared to 450 watts).


  • Thermal protection
  • Black ash enclosure
  • 250 watt capacity
  • AC Fuse
  • Dual 8" cast frame woofers
  • 20Hz to 180kHz frequency response
  • 95 dB sensitivity
  • Fits in small spaces
  • 125 Watt RMS
  • 32 lbs weight

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