Mediagate MG-IR01BK

$20.00 Released December, 2009

Product Shot 1The Mediagate MG-IR01BK is an entry-level media center PC remote control designed for use with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. As a one-channel infrared device, line of sight is required for the MG-IR01BK to work correctly.

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This product features many of the most common buttons and features required to be certified by Microsoft for use with their home theater software. Besides the actual remote, two AA batteries and a USB receiver dongle with an extension cord is also included. Several notable features include the ability to turn on/off or sleep media PCs, select recorded television programs, play media and skip back or forward through a show or movie. Also, the Live TV button will quickly exit and launch live full-screen programming. The official green Windows button is located on the upper portion of the remote for easy access.


  • MCE IR remote Controller and USB Dongle receiver
  • Microsoft certification, including official Green Button
  • RC6 and MCIR keyboard protocols supported
  • System wake from S1 and S3
  • Power your Media Center PC/TV
  • Record selected television programs
  • Replay recorded TV back for few seconds, or skip selected segment on you music track or DVD chapter
  • Pause audio, video, a slide show, or live or record TV
  • Start and launches the Media Center Start menu
  • Open TV Program Guide to display available channels and programs
  • Live TV launches full-screen live TV
  • Dimensions: 54 x 185 x 20 mm

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Anonymous: #mediagate_mg_ir01bk *"Then turn on computer"* Feb 15, 11
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Anonymous: #mediagate_mg_ir01bk And the users manual is two pages of plug in here and the turn on computer
i know there must be comands for the remote using several keys at once or in some order.
or there could be proper drivers.
or? Feb 15, 11
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Anonymous: #mediagate_mg_ir01bk The remote sends two signals every time i press a key. Feb 15, 11
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